Email and Domain Name Integration

Consistency between your email address and the domain name of your website communicates professional attention to detail and provides you another cost-effective way to advertise.

A custom domain name is a unique name for your website that only features your business name, like A custom email address, like, unifies your brand, solidifying it in the potential customer’s mind.

A custom email address is very inexpensive advertising. Think about all the places your email has visibility on the Web and non-digital world, from your business card, to a satisfied customer forwarding it on to a friend or the comments you’ve left on some form of social media from Twitter to Facebook to all of the other online networking sites.

Traditional advertisers know that everytime a customer sees a brand name in a magazine, billboard, sign or other promotion, it increases the odds that they will buy that product. When your domain name and email address match, you’ve doubled how many times the potential client sees your business name and increases your odds that they will email or call you.

But, why use Google Apps?

Google Apps helps you integrate your email, calendar, documents, instant messenger, and more under your own personal domain’s umbrella. Plus, since it’s all web-based, your contacts, calendars and more are always accessible.

Use a Mac? Google Apps integrates seamlessly into your Mac’s Address Book and Calendar.

Use a PC? Outlook works great with Google Apps (if you insist on using it).

iPhone? Android? No sweat. Works great!

In fact, I’ve migrated a lot of people to Google Apps; including Robert Evans. Rob loves his Google Apps so much, he often mentions it at every speaking engagement!

I’ve switched whole companies to Google Apps, including Ludwig Engineering in San Bernardino, CA.

I already use Exchange.. Why should I switch?

If you’re happy with what you’re currently using, then maybe Google Apps isn’t for you. But, from my own experience, people who have switched from Exchange LOVE Google Apps. Storage limits are greater (25GB for just $150/year/account), search is instant, and maintenance.. Well, there is no maintenance.

Trust Wolf Snap Designs to manage your Google Apps account!

Wolf Snap Designs is an Google Apps Authorized Reseller. We have the skills to deploy, manage and setup your new Google Apps account.

Ok, so how much is it?

Each user is $150/year, and that includes full email support by us, and full phone based support from Google in an emergency. That also includes creating SPF records, and Google Talk federation records.

You can add up to 20 total domain names to the one Google Apps account (additional fees apply for additional domains we setup).

Here’s how to order

Need to choose a custom domain name? Go to Wolf Snap Domains to register your custom domain name.

Once you have a domain name, simply fill out our order form today; and you’ll have a brand new Google Apps email account within 24 hours!

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