About David

David Wolf, the owner of Wolf Snap Designs, is a computer engineer (a.k.a. nerd) who has impeccable taste, a flair for user interface and an obsession with clean design.

A successful tech entrepreneur for 15 years, David has spent the last four years creating custom websites for photographers on some of the top industry platforms. Now, as a Nimbus launch partner David is bringing all his experience and skill creating custom photographic websites to Pictage. A few of David’s more well known clients include Robert Evans, Dane Sanders, Ryan Phillips, Simon Cudby and Pepper Nix.

David’s psychology degree taught him how to listen effectively and create human friendly layouts and designs.

What sets David apart from others in the tech industry is his incredible breadth of knowledge. For over 30 years, David has been on the leading edge of technology, computers and communication. With his diverse background, David has the unique ability to tie all the pieces of technology into something that is cohesive, manageable and understandable.