Top Reasons Why Your Current Website Sucks

You might think your site is just great, but, it probably sucks. Here’s why.

1. Your website has flash (or, is flash)

Using flash on your website, or as your website, might have seemed like a great idea at first. You could add music that auto-played (more on that later), animated backgrounds, menus that dance around and emit showers of sparkles as you click it. Leaving aside the horrible, horrible sparkles for a moment, there’s a larger issue at work here; there’s another reason why your site sucks as a result of using Flash. It doesn’t work on mobile devices!

Now, at this point, I expect all the Android fan boys to chime in and remind me that Flash does work on Android devices. My response? For now…

Adobe themselves recently stated that they would drop support for mobile Flash. Now, while Flash is still a decent product for other uses (fast prototyping, desktop web games, etc..) it isn’t appropriate for use as your website.

But, why do you care about mobile users? Someone who has the money to spend on a smartphone or an iPad, probably has the money to spend on your services. Just saying.

Additionally, a Flash website can’t be indexed as well by Google, so you’re losing any SEO benefits of your site. Also, not all computers have Flash! So, some people will get an error screen only asking them to install Flash–a task that can’t always be completed.

2. Your website auto-plays video, audio or some other assault on my senses

I’ve covered this before, but, when I encounter a site with music, sound, floating balloons, etc.. I leave. So does everyone else. Check out your bounce rate, I guarantee it’s through the roof high.

3. Your site doesn’t work with mobile devices

Even if you create your site in pure HTML, it still needs to render correctly on small screen devices. If you don’t test on an iPad/iPhone, you’ll never know if it works correctly.

4. Your content sucks

I’ve seen lots of bad sites. But, if I need to spend 10 minutes to find your email, I’m not going to contact you at all. If all your major content is posted via. a PDF, or if you require me to log into some other service, to view a generic document or print a coupon, I’m not going to do it.

5. Your design sucks

We all love bright colors, but if your site has a different color for every element and uses more than 3-4 fonts, I might just rip my eyeballs out of my eyes. At least remember this one rule.. Red and blue should NOT be used at the same time!

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